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According to the strategy and decision made in the annual goal and plan session, Hemony Pharmaceutical holds a strategic work deployment meeting on January 11 to push all of the Company’s strategies forward and accelerate the strategic plans for all segments. General Manager Lan Jianhua and leaders of all segments and members of the strategy formulation team attend the meeting.


During the meeting, Hemony Pharmaceutical, Business Division I, Business Division 2, Department of Commerce, Financial Segment, HR Department, Department of Law and Compliance and Administration Department report their strategies and plans in 2019 including annual key progresses, measured targets and persons in charge, KPI as well as annual action plan.

After hearing the report, Lan Jianhua, General Manager, confirms the strategy formulation has played a key role in the company for the five years to come. All the segments and departments must bear the vision of ‘Standing on China and embracing the world to grow into a trustable pharmaceutical enterprise’, take the lean management as the core management policy, focus on the strategy formulation at present, and complete the job with full passion, active attitude and feet on the ground.


Since the opening of the strategy and planning session of Company’s level, all segments and departments have dedicated themselves actively to the strategy formulation which moves forward successfully and lays foundation for the job in the next phase.

The opening of the strategic work deployment meeting of all levels has cleared the goals and directions for each department. In 2019, all departments will work more closely and harder to achieve a better accomplishment!