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In order to raise the employees’ awareness of fire safety, enhance their abilities on organization of fire-fighting, evacuation and self-rescue, and have them know better the company’s rules on fire prevention as well as escape routes, Hemony Pharmaceutical has recently organized all of its employees to launch a fire-fighting and evacuation drill.


Leaders of the Company have attached importance to this fire drill by careful organizing, training and guiding at EHS. Tang Zhichun, Deputy General Manager of Hemony Pharmaceutical, arrives on site and watches the whole process of the fire drill.

This drill focuses on the evacuation and fire-fighting at the first time. At 2:00 pm, the drill commences formally along with the sound and light alarm system starts in the factory. Under the guidance of the evacuation guide, all the employees quickly evacuate through the determined route orderly and rush toward the assembly place for emergencies.


After the evacuation, EHS train all the performers how to fight fire at the same time, how to use fire-fighting equipment and how to operate an extinguisher. Employees learn hard, operate actively and master the basic fire extinguishing skill very soon.

Mr. Tang stresses that safety is always important, and doing a good job in fire prevention is the key to the sound and stable development of an enterprise and employees’ lives and properties.


This fire drill has raised the employees’ awareness of safety and inspected the feasibility and operability of the fire-fighting plan. As such, employees have known better the fire-fighting process and improved their capability of handling an emergency event. The drill has laid a solid foundation of the efficient handling of emergency in an orderly way.